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Even a telephone, FAX takes the order. 0120-83-8324 TEL.0977-24-7126, FAX. 0977-21-9956
Cooking Heike
7-2-14, Ishigakihigashi, Beppu-shi, Oita
TEL. 0977-24-7126
FAX. 0977-21-9956
Business hours
A matinee: From 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
An evening performance: From 5:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
    (order stop 9:00 p.m.)
Regular holiday / every Monday
In the case of a holiday, Monday changes it the next day
It is done business as usual during GW, the tray period

■Duties contents
Restaurant business / artefact production, sale / food wholesale business


One cup of the best


Draft beer     650 yen

Bottle beer (the inside) 700 yen

Sake      620 yen

Shochu     420 yen

Storage liquor (unwarmed sake) 930 yen

Wine (white, red) 720 yen

Japanese-style liqueur    500 yen

Shochu bottle keeping (5 go) for each 2,600 yen

Soft drink     250 yen

Oolong tea          300 yen

Coffee       350 yen

 Guidance / one of the free drink: 2,160 yen (tax-included)
2,160 yen becomes served without limit to each simple meal served for a drinking party / course dish per person when I add it.
Beer, sake, shochu, wine, highball, soft drink

※As for the brand, the kind, designated our store. ※It should be the use of approximately two hours.

"The premium shochu called the famous sake has a lot of, too".

Forest Italy storehouse (Kagoshima)
[forest Italy storehouse (Kagoshima)] Potato shochu 25 degrees

Forest Italy storehouse (Kagoshima)
: Potato shochu 25 degrees

I am handcrafted by a tortoise pot using organic cultivated koganesengan Koshihikari from Fukui, delicious underflow water of Mt. Takakuma origin, these discerning raw materials which I pulled one by one carefully in a contract farmhouse. A sweet fragrance and soft taste as I do not think are characteristics with the potato shochu.

Murao (Kagoshima)
[Murao (Kagoshima)] Potato shochu 25 degrees

Murao (Kagoshima)
: Potato shochu 25 degrees

Limited liquor of the Murao brewing.
Using sorted high quality shin potato, I bring on shochu in the pot training. I mature slowly and carefully and am the potato shochu which I made use of a characteristic of the pot training in enough.

Demon king (Kagoshima)
[demon king (Kagoshima)] Potato shochu 25 degrees

A demon king (Kagoshima)
: Potato shochu 25 degrees

I did a tuple in three major potato shochu, and the "demon king" who won popularity demon king tempted an angel and was named in a meaning called the special liquor brought by devils who recruited the best liquor to the world of Satan. It is a faint flavor to drink, and not to get tired of only by the aged liquor.

Sato (Kagoshima)
[Sato (Kagoshima)] Potato shochu 25 degrees

Sato (Kagoshima)
: Potato shochu 25 degrees

Sweet, excellent training water of the super soft water with the sweetness of the potato
I let a fragrance become more attractive.
Appreciate the daring sharpness and a fragrant flavor.

Kanehachi (considerably)
[Kanehachi (Oita)] Wheat shochu 25 degrees

Kanehachi (considerably)
: Wheat shochu 25 degrees

It is heavy, and there is depth so as to be surprised if I drink one share, and a fragrant fragrance of the wheat opens in the whole mouth. Nude wheat from Saga is used by raw materials.
The flavor that the leaving an impression behind that I included in a mouth is too fragrant, and is classic is felt.

Isami (Kagoshima)
[Isami (Kagoshima)] Potato shochu 25 degrees

Isami (Kagoshima)
: Potato shochu 25 degrees

The potato shochu which can be called the ancestor of the premium shochu. The vaunted gem of the Kagoshima worth store. A fragrance, the taste like the potato are not worthy of the authority of of the potato shochu enthusiast.

*umabijin (considerably)
[*umabijin (Oita)] U.S. shochu 25 degrees

*umabijin (considerably)
: U.S. shochu 25 degrees

A handmade storehouse in Nakatsu-shi, Oita.
I store the low temperature home brew which let you ferment in the cold training for a long term. Going feels fine at its throat carefully.

Readily (Miyazaki)
[quite good (Miyazaki)] Wheat shochu 25 degrees

Readily (Miyazaki)
: Wheat shochu 25 degrees

Home brew of to the people in the know that "loneliness of 100 years."
The gem which pursued light taste while leaving body of the barley which I did well to be able to tolerate a storage of the long time.
Very good!"

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